Shopping of the Future

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If you’re anything like me, grocery shopping is a dreaded chore. No matter how well I have planned my shopping list, or used all the latest iPhone apps to organize my expedition, it seems like I always come home unsatisfied in some way. Especially if your household is as complex as mine with food allergies to account for (we buy 3 types of milk at our house!) and varying tastes (“I don’t like peanut butter anymore, Mom.”)

I’ve tried grocery shopping using Safeway’s online tool, and even Costco or Amazon (although they don’t deliver perishables usually); but something is still missing in the experience. It takes too long (I can’t easily find the products I’m used to picking up in the store); or else the couponing system doesn’t quite work out the same way to get me as good of a deal as I would at the store. Then, recently in the news they’ve reported so many purse snatchings in grocery store parking lots, especially at night when I tend to go, that I’m realizing it’s time to rethink grocery shopping althogether.

If you could dramatically change the way grocery shopping is done, what would it be like? What if my automated home management system was connected to my fridge and pantry, and could detect when I’m low on key staples? Wouldn’t it be great if my cupboards notified me that the cereal inventory was running low – and automatically placed an order for replenishment – and even better, found the best price and coupons for me so that I get the best deal?

Well until that system is available, I’ll have to wait. But I today I found a glimmer of hope. Take a look at the latest shopping innovations in Korea. It wouldn’t work in a suburban setting like Phoenix, but I think they are on to something.

Stylist for a Day

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Who knew watching TV would help me in my job?

I have no formal fashion training—my undergrad is in communications and my MBA studies didn’t cover much about fashion except for a few retail case studies—but that doesn’t mean I haven’t learned a thing or two about fashion through TV or my Vogue subscription.

In recent years, I’ve spent more hours than I would care to admit watching shows like Project Runway, The Rachael Zoe Project and movies like “Valentino – The Last Emperor”, “The September Issue” and “The Devil Wears Prada.” All those hours spent in what I considered to be a guilty indulgence, turned out to be just the education I needed to complete an important assignment this week.

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On the Next “Your Life A to Z” …

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Lynae Parrott, Director of Marketing - Gold Canyon, on set with the ICMC team.

Our PR / Comms team spent the morning working with our client Gold Canyon for a special segment on eco-friendly products and the benefits of  “spring cleaning” the aromatherapy way. The feature segment airs Friday morning at 10 a.m. on Channel 3 TV “Your Life A to Z”. The garden setting for this segment was the perfect backdrop to talk about Gold Canyon’s line of all-natural floor, glass and all-purpose cleaners containing fragrant essential oils – intended to soothe you while wiping away the dirt and grime. Claudia Kunkel, Tish Curiel and Bridget Daly were the project management team that put this segment together with Channel 3. Hope you get a chance to catch the feature segment.

Buzz Wins the Oscar

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When it comes to running an Oscar campaign there is no question that the hype and buzz really determines who wins. If you’ve got a compelling story and someone out there marketing it, they can make the difference between you receiving the title of Oscar Award Winner (at least in the marquee categories that most viewers care about). But another interesting fact to consider is how many members of the Academy are made up of public relations professionals.  According to the Wall Street Journal, there are over 300 designated PR professionals that are Academy members that vote. This number far overshadows hair and make up artists and other branches of the Academy. So next time you are watching the Oscars and wonder, “Really? Did they deserve to win?” You may have to really give the Oscar to their agent and publicists that truly won the award for them.

Simple Advice to Our Interviewees

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“Don’t bore Nina!” – Tim Gunn, Project Runway

Note to anyone interviewing for a job at Ideas Collide. We have a very fast-paced, high energy work environment. And we like to hire people who can keep up and think on their feet. People who have a passion for their craft and for life in general. So please, if you interview here, show us you care. And by all means, don’t bore us to death. If you put me to sleep during the interview, you will not be working here anytime soon.

We try to apply this same principle when we are interviewing for jobs on new client pitches and project proposals. Even if you, prospective client, decided not to hire us (although that seldom ever happens), we assure you that we’ll make the pitch worth your time and at the very least, you will sense our enthusiasm for your brand, our joie de vivre and high energy approach to doing great marketing work.

Call Me RR

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Meeting Rachel Ray for initial pitchWe recently started working on a project/idea for a client that has brought us in contact with Rachael Ray. We’ve been in touch with her agent in New York and we took the opportunity at her recent book signing in Scottsdale to present the idea to her directly. Her response… “wow, cool… looks like we may be talking to you soon!” Despite the long line and rainy night, we had a great time and hopefully opened another door to bring this idea to life! Claudia gets all the credit on this one, she did all the leg work to make it happen… thanks Claudia.

Client Work Out

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Rebecca Clyde and client on location for a product catalog - new project launches in August 2007Less than 30 days to pull together an entire product launch.
Within a few days of the assignment, we pulled together a photo shoot for our client’s catalog.
Here we are, at the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale (a throw back to the 60s). Very hip location. With two models, a photographer, a stylist, a food stylist, a designer and the client (along with three of us from ICMC) we were quite snug in this room.  The models (Leah and Amie, Ford Modeling agency)  patiently put up with all our demands, posing beautifully for every shot. We have a whole new level of respect for models, they have to have thick skin with so many people in one room, molding them like clay and telling them what does and does not look right.
Kudos go to Maya Metz the graphic designer, Isaac Bailey our photographer on the shoot and stylist (Jenney Benson) who did a great job making the models and every shot look fantastic. And of course to Claudia who manages all the details in pulling off this great feat.
ideas*Collide was responsible for the entire program management of this project. We developed the copy, managed the photo shoot, provided content reviews with Gold Canyon management and creative direction to the design team. It was a big win for us and a lot of fun (despite the time crunch).
We reviewed the print proofs yesterday… the product and catalog will premiere to the world on August 2. Stay tuned!