The Authentic Marketer

I recently attended a networking event for Social Media Day in Phoenix. As far as networking events go, this was much like the others I had attended; multitudes of people shifting and moving around clutching their swag bags in one hand and perhaps a cold drink in the other. Name tags were slapped onto shirts or a dress identifying most everyone by name and/or company and the interaction was amiable.  All in all it was a very nice event.

While I mingled with another co-worker we were approached by a woman who briefly introduced herself and we each did the same. She then quickly asked in a monotone fashion “So do you think a tweet has the capability to translate into a sale?”  I was stunned for a moment, “Um, Uh, I…guess it depends?”  While I suppose this was a normal enough question to ask at a networking event devoted to social media, I couldn’t help but notice it felt forced and inauthentic.  This wasn’t really a query to drum up some juicy debate on social media or to exchange ideas and advice; it was, of course, a gateway to a quick sale.  Kind of like human spam mail.

It is understandable that networking events can be a nerve-wracking experience and the litany of icebreakers out there to assist you can come across as generic, so I can understand where the question came from.  You are there, many would say, to make a connection that benefits your company or career in some way.  I certainly can’t blame one for resorting to such an opener to segue into a sale, but there has to be a better way.  The interaction reinforced something for me though, something that emphasizes what social media and the new era of marketing is all about, that authenticity matters more than ever.

In today’s digital marketplace most consumers can detect an inauthentic campaign or sales pitch a mile away.  We’ve been spammed, e-mail marketed and telemarketed to death for years now.  The very best social media strategists and marketers seek to engage their customers in a conversationalist tone and create a dialogue that seeks input from the marketplace.  People don’t want to be sold and they don’t want to be told what to consume, they want to be asked, intrigued and they want to strike up a conversation.

IMPACT Award Winner

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We are honored to have received the prestigious award of 2011 Best Company Culture IMPACT Award from the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. The luncheon was an exciting event and Matthew Clyde, founder and chief strategist of Ideas Collide, accepted the award. Watch this video highlighting our agency that was shown at the awards ceremony and check out our Facebook page for photos from the event.

Concert Celebration!

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Wednesday, April 13th, was a day of celebrations for Ideas Collide.  Not only was IC/MC celebrating six years as a company but we were also celebrating IC/MC’s president and founder, Matthew Clyde’s birthday.  The day was a milestone for the company and in order to make it memorable we decided to go to the Arcade Fire concert.

Arcade Fire is an Indie/Art Rock band with a hipster vibe.  The band consists of seven members, all of who contribute to the band’s music.   Their songs are creative and captivating.  Since our Ideas Collide team is huge fans, attending the concert seemed like the perfect way to celebrate the big day.

The festivities took place at the Comerica Theatre in downtown Phoenix, where we secured a party suite complete with great food and drinks and most importantly, the company of clients, friends and family.   The band did not disappoint. The energy and excitement of the crowd made it a night to remember.

We are thankful to our clients and coworkers who have helped Ideas Collide become so successful over the years.  We had a blast celebrating with everyone. We look forward to continued success in the years to come!

Top Ten Takeaways from Ad:Tech SF 2011

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There’s a trend, innovation, emerging concept around every corner at ad:tech. Keeping up with this at every second of the conference can be at times exhilarating and at others overwhelming. We collected over 20 pages of notes (thank you to the amazing and useful Evernote app) and here is a quick summary of our ten ad:tech takeaways.

1. “We Need an APP GPS for Our Soul” – Arianna Huffington Keynote

At some point we need to DISCONNECT from our hyper connected lives. We are all missing something in constant multitasking. At some point we need to stop, focus, listen. To achieve more balance, we need a GPS for ourselves to show how we are out of alignment and what we need to do to realign our soul. It will be a killer APP for optimal living. And that means getting more sleep for better health and creativity. Because it’s very hard to be creative and enchanting when you are sleep deprived.

2. Screen time is exploding — being drive by tablets and mobile. Forrester is predicting that the replacement rate of tablets will be closer to mobile phones — as opposed to that of traditional desktops. By 2015, 82 million US consumers — one-third of US online consumers — will be using a tablet. This is beyond the iPad but they clearly have market leadership or as Jeff Cole from USC Annenberg School Center for the Digital Future see is, “Apple has moved the goal post before the others have even entered the field.” Between tablets and phones, screen time continues to grow and entertainment, social networking, e-commerce are the consumption benefactors. Jeff Cole’s insights and predictions are always a must watch, view his entire key note on YouTube.

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Digital All Around – Insights from Ad Tech

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After a great “Inspire” session on Monday and a first full day at Ad Tech, here are a few insights that are top of mind to share after four keynotes, hours of networking and a dozen sessions later:

1. Design matters more than ever. Especially in the mobile and tablet space.

2. Design is an essential strategic differentiation. Michela Abrams, President of Dwell Media calls out the impact: Think about any company that has differentiated themselves in the last ten years and made a significant increase in market share, DESIGN has played a intricate role in bringing about that market share. Design still matters significantly.

3. You need a compelling story. Amid our uber-multi-tasking, 3+ screen lifestyles, there is relevancy in the art of a great story to deliver your message and reach your audience. Stories engage, persuade and inspire action. What’s the story your brand/product/service needs to tell? If you can’t articulate it, you become (if you’re lucky) annoying background noise or (worse), you are completely tuned out.

4. Data has its own story to tell. There is very little that can’t be tracked, monitored, analyzed and determined in today’s digital landscape. But within every piece of data, there is a story to be told. What matters is determining and finding the right story that needs to be told.

5.  Mobile. Social. & Clouds. It’s incredible to be part of this dynamic digital world where the playing field is constantly shifting. As the future takes shape, look carefully to mobile, social and cloud networks to be the new bridges across this sea of change. If you don’t have a plan to embrace and engage in these areas, now’s the time to make it happen.

More insights, ideas and shares to come. Be sure to follow @ideascollide on Twitter for “in the moment” Ad Tech sound bites.

Convention Countdown

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Since 2006, Ideas Collide has supported Gold Canyon – a $100 million direct selling candle company based in Chandler, Arizona – at their annual convention held in Phoenix. Whether writing keynote speeches, project managing video shoots or coordinating media coverage, the Ideas Collide crew covers a wide range of assignment to launch this important event.

At the beginning of August, over 700 enthusiastic Gold Canyon sales demonstrators gather at the Phoenix Convention Center for the annual convention where they are trained, motivated and get a sneak peek at the latest products coming to market. But the hard work, coordinating and details to stage this event go back to almost a year prior. So, yes – it’s an event, almost a year in the making…

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Campaign Delivered (in 24 Hours or Less)

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You may have seen us saturating the news last week with our client’s event, Operation: Air Refresh. Gold Canyon, known for very strong and true to life fragrant products, came to us on a Thursday night last week (5:15 p.m. to be exact) asking if we could pull off a large media and consumer-based event… on Friday (yes, that next day).

Our answer? No problem. And our team kicked into high gear working through the night to set up Operation: Air Refresh – Helping Tempe Smell Beautiful Again. Chandler-based, Gold Canyon, makers of “The World’s Finest”® offered up free products to help get rid of the smell caused by the stagnant water and decaying fish that had resulted from the Tempe Town Lake dam collapse on Tuesday, July 20.

We helped Gold Canyon pass out scented products at no cost to the residents and businesses of Tempe, setting up shop at the corner of Rio Salado Parkway and Mill Avenue. Not only was there considerable press coverage, but also a large amount of positive response from local street traffic, businesses and social media space. The response from event attendees was really the best and most exciting thing about the event. People were shocked we weren’t selling anything – just giving things away – no catch and it was satisfying to see the big smile come across people’s faces when we told them, “We can’t make Tempe Town Lake smell better, but we sure can make your personal space smell better!”

There was also incredible support from several employees and volunteers who manned the booth, canvassed Mill Avenue and reached out to people as they walked and drove by the area (I still have the blisters to prove it). The awareness and education consumers received about our client that day was just as satisfying as the media hits, Twitter mentions and Facebook comments.

Stylist for a Day

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Who knew watching TV would help me in my job?

I have no formal fashion training—my undergrad is in communications and my MBA studies didn’t cover much about fashion except for a few retail case studies—but that doesn’t mean I haven’t learned a thing or two about fashion through TV or my Vogue subscription.

In recent years, I’ve spent more hours than I would care to admit watching shows like Project Runway, The Rachael Zoe Project and movies like “Valentino – The Last Emperor”, “The September Issue” and “The Devil Wears Prada.” All those hours spent in what I considered to be a guilty indulgence, turned out to be just the education I needed to complete an important assignment this week.

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Summer Lovin’

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Summer is upon us at ICMC headquarters and with it the hopes of blissful summer days by the pool. Here’s a roundup of what we are looking forward to this summer (in addition to pumping out amazing, creative and impactful solutions for clients, that goes without saying).

Here is what summer has in store for all the Colliders!

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On the Next “Your Life A to Z” …

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Lynae Parrott, Director of Marketing - Gold Canyon, on set with the ICMC team.

Our PR / Comms team spent the morning working with our client Gold Canyon for a special segment on eco-friendly products and the benefits of  “spring cleaning” the aromatherapy way. The feature segment airs Friday morning at 10 a.m. on Channel 3 TV “Your Life A to Z”. The garden setting for this segment was the perfect backdrop to talk about Gold Canyon’s line of all-natural floor, glass and all-purpose cleaners containing fragrant essential oils – intended to soothe you while wiping away the dirt and grime. Claudia Kunkel, Tish Curiel and Bridget Daly were the project management team that put this segment together with Channel 3. Hope you get a chance to catch the feature segment.

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