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Giving Hope Along the Journey in 2020

At the close of this year and launching into 2020, we have partnered with national non-profit Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health to build a year-long effort to inspire hope for the underserved children they rehabilitate, house and protect every day.

Many of the kids at Devereux come to their facilities suffering from emotional trauma and fear with their belongings in nothing more than a plastic trash bag.

To give them hope along their journey, Ideas Collide is providing suitcases for their personal belongings – no more trash bags.

Our challenge in 2020 is to give 500 suitcases. We will fund another suitcase every time a group of the digital messages of hope are shared online. We hope you join us.

To kick off this challenge and spur the spirit of giving, Ideas Collide is giving out 150 custom-designed luggage tags to represent the first 150 suitcases we’re donating.

To accomplish our goal of 500 donated suitcases, we need your help right now. Share a message of hope above and for each group of shares we’ll donate another suitcase.


Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health is one of the largest and most advanced behavioral healthcare organizations in the country. Their unique model connects the latest scientific and medical advancements to practical, effective interventions in the treatment of behavioral health. As a national nonprofit, Devereux partners with individuals, families, schools and communities, to serve many of the most vulnerable members of our society in areas of autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities, specialty mental health and child welfare.