Phoenix Design Week, also known as PHXDW, is one of Arizona’s most creative annual events, built entirely on volunteers as a cross-agency effort. Started in 2009 by designer Mark Dudlik, the week was originally created to support and showcase Arizona’s visual design disciplines all in one place. Now, PHXDW offers two conference days and a week jam-packed of collaboration, community, expert seminars and hands-on education experiences.

Ideas Collide’s has been attending PHXDW for several years now but involvement with branding PHXDW had always been on our dream. Collaborating across agencies, the AZAG and local illustrators, our team was proud to champion the design efforts this year, whether it was through video interviews with designers to researching local companies to work with. Our design team came together to volunteer to work toward this initiate.

“our team was given the opportunity to work with some out of the box ideas, the amount of growth and creatively that our team has shown makes me really proud of our efforts”

– Tierra N., Design Lead

Our agency is proud to volunteer our skills and designs to PHXDW 2019 under the theme ‘fluidity.’ When creating this year’s theme, we looked towards what had been previously done. After dark, gritty designs came in both 2017 and 2018, we refreshed the 2019 design to end the decade off and celebrate PHXDW’s 10thanniversary with bright and bubbly creative based on the week’s core pillars: local community.

We do not stand still. We change. We grow. We adapt. And we embrace the ever-morphing craft of design. We learn. We experience. We experiment. And we never stop moving forward. We participate. We support. We engage. And we contribute to our bold and diverse design community. We evolve. We evolve together. Join the evolution at PHXDW.

Design is consistently integrated into all of our lives, blended into the city streets we travel on and across the buildings we work and live in. The geometric style of the design mimics the grid-like layout of Phoenix. ‘Fluidity’ is applicable to the adaptable, creative problem solving and inclusivity of the conference – expanding not only to graphic designers but to all designers in the Valley, including interior designers, architects and more.

“We weren’t under an prescribed restrictions from a client, we got to work our creative mind without limits. We were also honored to present to present and idea that was 100% ours to our fellow peers and design community.”

– Meagan S., Design Lead

Thoughtfully planned social media templates that carry the look and feel for PHXDW 2019

We translated the theme into visuals under the guidance of ‘seeking to discover,’ focused on navigation, design exploration, willingness to explore new territory, not bound by tools and creative problem solvers. The neon aspect of the theme was inspired by Phoenix’s mid-century modern, vintage neon signs.

Mood boards (left) for Evolve Design Concept (right)

Mood board (left) for Here By Design Concept (right)

Mood board (left) for Seek and Discover Concept (right)

Mood board (left) for Off the Grid Concept (right)

We can’t wait to share and celebrate design with PHX and the design community.

You can learn more about the design process with Ryan Lowry, Ideas Collide Lead Designer, and Mike Marinello on the podcast ‘Design Chat with Josh.’ Follow us during the event on our social channels @IdeasCollide. Tune back in to see a full recap of the Phoenix Design Week 2019 on October 24, 2019! Learn more about our local events, including AZ Tech Summit, Portland Digital Summit and Phoenix Digital Summit on our blog.

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