Reimagine Your Career APPLY NOW is Changing the Marketing Scene

By Tiffany Ellington

Everyone understands websites. You would laugh at any marketing agency that didn’t offer web services these days, and yet 20 years ago this was not the case. 20 years ago, websites were new and clients didn’t understand their purpose.

How times have changed.

Chatbots are having a similar emergence. While you’ve probably interacted with the technology before, maybe you don’t think bots are the right fit for your company. Maybe you’re even slightly intimidated or confused by the concept of artificial intelligence (AI). We get it. But we are a long ways from Skynet.

Rebecca Clyde, cofounder of Ideas Collide, has a solution for you. Clyde’s newest company,, which she created alongside Dr. Anu Shukla and Dr. Chris Meada, is leading the charge in chatbot innovation.


The recent winner of the Arizona Innovation Challenge, uses AI to streamline meaningful and intelligent communications between businesses and customers.’s recently launched platform allows companies to build a customized chatbot that delivers real results. The best news? You don’t need a PhD to build it. was founded by experienced marketers and innovators, who understand the importance of each channel. Intelligent bots are taking marketing automation strategies from tired email platforms and refreshing them in chatbots. The result is a natural, two-way conversation that is hugely engaging and even entertaining. It’s revolutionary and people are starting to catch on.’s platform lets you seamlessly integrate images, videos, buttons, location services and more into your automated conversations. The ability to include small, natural delays, complete with the familiar ellipses animation, is just one of the tools used to make these conversations feel human. Once ready, the customized tool can then be deployed on a range of chat platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, websites, and more.

This intelligent chat nurturing means customers can have smooth-flowing conversations 24-hours a day. From start to finish it will not only improve the customer experience, but it will improve (and shorten) the buyer journey as well. is shaping the industry – and the future is automated.


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