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Build a Culture-First Focused Brand

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By Ideas Collide

In today’s ever-changing market, developing a culture-first focused brand is one of the best long-term, sustainable investments business owners can make into their companies. However large the company, this strong sense of pride trickles from upper management to team members to customers, eventually building itself into a culture that will create an impact within your community.

Anything worth having can’t be built overnight and there is more to the development and investment of a brand than just its visual package. Matthew Clyde, Ideas Collide President and Founder, has developed a culture road map that will help you bridge the gap between your brand and success. Here are the three key elements.

People Before Profit

Invest in your team members before anything else. By developing a culture of inclusion, diversity, accountability and recognition you are raising the feel-good bar and driving results. Lead the values and behaviors you want your brand to stand by and make these values real, repetitive and relatable. Never expect perfection. Expect a productive dose of challenges and evolutions to drive your company forward. These opposing views will deliver new, unexpected solutions that will drive innovation. Ideas Collide is proud to continuously support our team members personal and professional goals with annual continual learning courses, credits and certifications available to those who wish to participate.

Look Within

Know and show your company’s story. Make a culture connection within your team and clientele by showing the sometimes vulnerable, emotional journey your brand has taken on from the start. Explore how you are investing in your team, stakeholders and audience and share the impact you have created. Celebrate your results, setbacks and accomplishments to build a long-term culture of learning and development. If you’ve explored our offices, you are more than likely to have stumbled across our growing collection of toys. Our toy tradition finds its roots in all of our childhoods, with each new team member bringing in a new toy to celebrate the endless creativity their childhood brought them. Take a look into our office and our toy collection with 3TV.

Create Definition

Recognize each of your audiences to create personalized, strategic messaging and competitive insight. By defining each customer journey, you are able to discover and explore where you are investing and what could be reinvented within your organization. Once you have uncovered the essence of your customers, utilize this exploration to set a path of growth that can fully connect with all stakeholders.

Your team, your customers and you deserve a culture-focused company, no matter the industry your business falls into. By growing your culture, you are elevating your products, services, opportunities and ultimately your brand as a whole. Let our team create recognizable paths to success and learn how we can develop your brand from the inside-out.