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Celebrating 10 Years by Giving Back

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By Ideas Collide

Ideas Collide Celebrates 10 Years

On March 27th, our agency celebrated 10 successful years with patrons and influencers at the Hotel Valley Ho Skyline Rooftop. The evening was dedicated to our team and partnerships with clients, which ranged from Fortune 100 companies to local start-ups in a variety of industries. The most notable were high-tech, consumer packaged goods, travel, hospitality and residential and commercial real estate.

Matt Clyde signing donation check

Ideas Collide was created in 2005 by Matthew Clyde, Chief Strategist and Founder. His philosophy “You can’t love your life if you don’t love your work” quickly became the foundation of this agency. Clyde’s dream of starting a marketing communications agency and creative studio became a reality, with the focus on putting team members first as they solved clients’ business challenges.

“I’m very proud to see our team reach this milestone,” Clyde said. “The secret that makes this agency continually succeed involves the passionate, entrepreneurial spirit of our team and it shows, in their work. We relentlessly pursue every opportunity, and all carry a desire to create amazing work.” When Ideas Collide first launched, it had a few select clients, which remain central to the agency roster today.

Agency founders

“Maintaining relationships with these key clients now for 10 years,” added agency Co-Founder, Rebecca Clyde, “demonstrates the dedication of our team and the impact we have generated on their marketing results.”

Our creative marketing agency is proud to work with a diverse set of 30+ clients globally, while the agency itself remains in the digital desert of Scottsdale, Arizona. Ideas Collide just hired its 30th employee and plans on adding 6 additional team members. In addition to expanding the team, Ideas Collide is expanding our office space over the course of the next four months.

"Ideas Collide serves as a thought-leader and innovator in the marketing and advertising industry."

Ideas Collide has made an impact in growing jobs and creative opportunities around Arizona, serving as a thought-leader and innovator in marketing and advertising industries alike. We have developed an award-winning, dynamic company culture while dedicating of thousands of hours annually and hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in donations through the ICGives initiative—an initiative set on improving the local community.

At our 10-year anniversary celebration, Ideas Collide donated $7,500 in funds to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation and an additional $2,500 in toys and gifts to benefit children and families at the hospital.

Matt holding donation check for Phoenix Children's Hospital

Ideas Collide continues to support the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation.

“We are so grateful for the thoughtful gift made by Ideas Collide during their anniversary celebration. They have clearly made philanthropy part of the culture of their workplace – something that always starts with the leadership of an organization,” said Steve Schnall, Vice President and Chief Development officer of the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation. “They are setting a wonderful example of philanthropy for our community, and we wish our friends at Ideas Collide many years of continued success.”

Ideas Collide plans to continue supporting community projects and initiatives as community involvement inspires our work.

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“Investing in our community and team is essential to what we do; we find inspiration to give back to the community and invest in the future from building creative solutions for clients,” Matthew Clyde said. “Giving and investing delivers the positive results and energy we see at our agency. We are excited to carry our mission and vision forward toward another amazing 10 years.”