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Debunking Myths Behind Chatbots

By Tiffany Ellington

debunking myths behind chatbots searching on mobile

New technology hits the headlines every day, and it can become overwhelming to determine what is right for your brand and what’s simply a fad. Case in point, chatbots. From smart speakers like Alexa to messenger bots, conversational marketing is everywhere. We’re debunking common misconceptions behind this new form of digital marketing and helping you determine if the tech is right for your company.

Myth 1:  Chatbots don’t work and only offer stale conversation.

Thanks to advancing artificial intelligence, chatbots utilize natural language processing to determine the correct answer right when it is needed. Remember Clippy, Microsoft’s version of digital support? Clippy is a caveman compared to what the modern chatbot can achieve.

Myth 2: People don’t use or don’t want to use chatbots.

When was the last time you had to call to refill a prescription, only to learn you called the wrong location after spending 15 minutes on hold? Exactly. Today’s on demand generation expects answers immediately. Chatbots allow businesses to expand conversions through existing technology, like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Myth 3: Chatbots aren’t helpful. 

DigitalGo and Grand View Research have predicted 85% of consumer interactions will be handled without a human agent by 2020.  Instead of manually searching for pricing, location, and finally giving up, chatbots provide instant information – closing the sales funnel in one swift swoop.

Chatbots are changing the future of marketing automation – and the transformation is already underway. Learn more about how our partner company is increasing business by 103% by provided the ability to answer customers’ questions immediately and exactly when they need it. We partner to leverage chatbot integration that will modernize your customer engagement strategy and double conversion rates.