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Digital Summit Portland: Focusing on Authenticity and Humanization

Karem Planas

By Karem Planas

Exciting ideas and penetrating insights always feed my creative juices and leave me ready to jump, head first, into new projects. Here at Ideas Collide, sharing ideas is important to our success as professionals. So, in honor of our commitment to supporting spaces that fuel creativity through idea-sharing, earlier this month our agency was the proud sponsor of Digital Summit Portland.

The atmosphere at Digital Summit conferences is amazing, with Portland being no exception. Throughout the various presentations held at the conference, we noticed a common thread – the reminder that behind data sets, segmentations, and click-through reports, is a living, breathing person with dynamic interests, needs, and desires.

"...behind data sets, segmentations, and click-through reports, is a living, breathing person with dynamic interests, needs, and desires."

Many speakers shared actionable insights to help elevate campaigns by shifting focus onto the creation of authentic, humanistic consumer experience. Here are a few salient takeaways we took from the event about creating personable connections:

Transforming Consumers into a Community

A modern marketing strategy needs to consider the human element in every campaign, specifically behavioral psychology. By understanding how consumers interact with one another, even outside of making purchasing decisions, companies can work to build a community and create an influence that goes far beyond the point of sale.

Personalization is About Individualization

Building an online portal for consumers to find community is crucial for modern brand marketing. Whether you’re using social media to tell stories that personally resonate with your audience or podcasts to tell human stories, your consumers want to feel they are being catered to on an individual level.

Making Marketing Automation Authentic

Consumers don’t want to feel as though they are just a part of an algorithmic machine that determines their content preferences for them. By utilizing proper data storytelling and automated messaging systems, including chatbots, brands are able to efficiently build engagement, authority, and trust while leveraging customer’s digital footprints to make strategic decisions about marketing campaigns.

Our team came back from Digital Summit with exciting ideas to create humanistic approaches towards our upcoming campaigns. Learn how our team can create compelling data using visual storytelling for your next campaign.