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Take a Nonlinear Approach for Digital Media Initiatives

By Howard Knapp

Today’s world is content-oriented and advertisers can no longer rely on a linear approach to marketing for success. Developing custom experiences at all touch points changes how a campaign is received, ultimately delivering more impactful moments for buyers. Take these steps throughout your next campaign to see how a nonlinear approach can transform digital media initiatives.

Determine Channels

Before launch, strategically determine the best channels for your content and focus efforts accordingly. Ask yourself “which channel contains the most pertinent members of the campaign’s target audience?” and “which channel do we want to increase brand awareness around for future brand messaging?” Consider industry benchmarks and past performance history to estimate the best returns before initiating any digital campaign.

Define Success

Once you’ve determined your channels, determine campaign objectives and a highly specific target audience. Consider the full journey a customer takes from awareness to purchase and predetermined KPIs for initial digital media engagement metrics. Eventually, you will also need to consider the Return on Investment and Customer Acquisition costs to objectively determine campaign success and further approach.

Map It Out

Continuing the campaign journey, map the campaign strategy, outlining all automated elements to understand campaign engagement, future reporting needs and data integrity. You will also need to outline automated email and form triggers, especially if you plan on nurturing leads throughout the campaign journey through multiple pieces of content.

Optimize Content

Content used in the campaign should strive for emotional connection with the audience. This said, creating content isn’t enough. Seek to optimize all content by determining the stage of each customer’s journey, analyzing the most engaging content and considering how the campaign audience member may react to each piece of content.

What happens after they engage with the content? What happens if they never open a piece of content in the first place? What happens if they are engaged at the onset of the campaign, then suddenly go silent?

After launch, continue to optimize, analyze and adjust your campaign to meet the needs and desires of your audience. Capturing the attention of your audience won’t come easy. But, when you take the time to lay out tracks for your campaign, you will see results and reap the reward. Learn how Ideas Collide can design, structure and manage your next nonlinear campaign.


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