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Portland Expansion. Spreading Our Roots in the Pearl

Alyssa Gunter

By Alyssa Gunter

We are an extension of our clients and partner’s teams. Being part of the team, we looked for ways to service the needs, goals and aspirations for many of our clients and partners. Which lead to Ideas Collide growing roots in Portland’s Pearl District.

In that time, we have developed many meaningful connections that has made Portland more than our “small office in the Northwest” but truly home. Early this year some new faces and fresh minds joined our Portland office team. Growing our Portland team allows for more opportunity for collaboration and new, unique perspectives that contribute to the functionality and dynamic of Ideas Collide.

Spreading our agency footprint and watching our team embody the northwest culture is a point of pride. Not only does having two offices provide flexibility for team members to travel between the offices, we’ve had a team member relocate to Portland! Additionally, the access to talent in the Portland market has grown the creative and strategic capabilities of our team and is shaping the identity of our agency.

“Our agency’s appreciation and aspirations for growth in Portland have long roots and it excites me to be a part of the team that makes that vision market. I identify with Portland’s dynamism and civic-mindedness. Here, success is measured by how you, and by extension your business, is doing better for the good of the community. By prioritizing that, we are better citizens not only of our country, but of the world. These are also our agency’s values, and at the heart of how we do and run the business. So, for IC, being here is like being home.” – Karem P., Account Director.

Giving back has never been a second thought for our Portland team. We are proud to volunteer with the Oregon Food Bank and participate in the Oregon Humane Society’s annual Doggie Dash.

Although our larger office is in Phoenix, we always feel connected. Today, we are an established office in the Pearl and have strong roots in our community. With the speed we have grown the team here, we know this is just the beginning and we look forward to sharing our own unique vibe in the Portland office. Whether you’re based in Oregon, Arizona or beyond, let’s turn your goals into reality.