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Joel Eberhart

By Joel Eberhart

Before opening Ideas Collide, our agency founders (and many of our current team members) started their careers on the client side of the desk. By leading corporate and non-profit marketing departments; they found themselves interviewing, hiring and working with a multitude of advertising and marketing agencies. They worked with every type of agency –boutique, traditional, digital, global, local, big or small. While our experiences as the “customer” may have varied, our founders often felt a consistent gap in client service and identified an open opportunity in the agency landscape.

"What if we built the agency we would want to hire and work with – what would that look like? "

Absence of ego, truly collaborative, empathetic to tight deadlines, understanding of stockholder or investor pressure, acts as an extension of our in-house marketing team, loves the community as much as we do, combines business intelligence AND creative intelligence.

You could say we had a few ideas…

Not nearly enough of the agencies we talked to really understood our business or, more importantly, our goals. This could be done better, and we knew it. So, we left our corporate and non-profit marketing gigs and began the long journey of creating the agency we envisioned, one that we would gladly hire and would truly enjoy working with.

As we’ve grown over the past 14 years, we are proud to have stuck to the same values that made us want to start Ideas Collide. Each of our team members view a client’s marketing initiatives as their own, they’re invested in the project success and are encouraged to “act like owners” when putting themselves in the client’s or company’s shoes. We work behind the scenes to boost results, drive real and measurable impact and turn our clients into heroes, one campaign at a time.

Today, our team is positioned better than ever to be the full-service marketing agency you will LOVE to work with and will love you right back. We have experts in digital marketing, CX, content, social media, brand identity, digital media, lead gen, marketing technology and more.

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