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From Day One, It Was Instant Impact

James West

By James West

Why do people lose interest at a job? Lack of a challenge, complacency, no opportunities for growth, lack of trust, lame co-workers, sucky boss, the list goes on. Not here, not for me. When I joined Ideas Collide, I was the eleventh employee and the doors of opportunity were wide open in front of me. It was a challenge from the start; making your mark in an incredibly fast-paced environment demanded precision, accuracy, and high-quality delivery on often immediate turnarounds to ultimately make an impact for my clients.

From day one, it was instant impact. No training wheels or floaties, but instead straight into the daily grind of accountability. It didn’t matter that I was green in my marketing and advertising experience, I was given responsibility and felt like a marketing veteran. I had my own clients, my own projects and over the years, that accountability grew exponentially—faster than I would have experienced at any other company. I was able to carve out my own niche in social media, learn emerging platforms and bring those capabilities to the table for our clients and then later, expand our video capabilities and demand.

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The power of a small advertising or marketing agency is greater than I initially perceived. That power was further enlightened during a visit I made to Ad Age’s Small Agency Conference. Dan Wieden of Wieden + Kennedy was the keynote speaker. Even though he founded what is now a worldwide creative studio, he spoke of his desire to be back in those earlier days when they were small. A small agency can be nimble, incredibly fast, flexible and supremely creative. “Walk in stupid every morning,” Wieden stated. “The world changed while you were sleeping.”

"It didn’t matter that I was green in my marketing and advertising experience, I was given responsibility and I felt like a marketing veteran."

Why a small agency? If you want to have a real impact, real influence and feel like you have true influence in your work, instead of feeling like you need to move to a bigger company in order to “move up” in your career, you should consider working in a smaller agency. Are these opportunities at every small agency? Maybe it’s not guaranteed, but then again, there’s only one – IDEAS COLLIDE.

All this and more is #WhyIC.