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Millennials at Work

Margaret Craig

By Margaret Craig

Looking around the agency, there’s a common theme among many of my coworkers: There are a lot of millennials working at Ideas Collide. As a member of the millennial generation myself, I wonder sometimes if this commonality is a wild coincidence or if it’s by design. What attracts this group to the agency? Is it the industry? The work? The lifestyle? There might be a million possible answers, but for me, there are a few obvious reasons why I love working at ICMC.

Culture is King

It’s no secret that the traditional office workplace is evolving. The newest generation of college grads entering the work force is tech savvy, whip smart and always connected. Employers are upping the ante to provide attractive options to compliment heavy screen time and challenging workloads and ICMC offers no shortage. From a fully-stocked pantry to ping pong, agency lunches and retreats, the casual dress code, a pet-friendly office, a bowling league and a fantasy football team, plus so much more…Ideas Collide takes the cake when it comes to fostering a fun-loving culture of strong minds that play hard but work harder.

A Seat at the Table

Here at ICMC, we adhere to the value of “Acting like owners.” Every opinion, idea and voice is welcomed and encouraged. Every employee has control over their continued growth, career path and the general shape of the agency. The agency reflects more of a flat organizational structure versus hierarchical, which lends itself to increased involvement in decision-making processes and a heightened sense of comradery between coworkers.

The Right Fit

It shocks me some days how many of my coworkers get along and genuinely like each other. You can find us eating lunch together most days, cracking jokes, going to happy hour after work and more. We’re an incredible blend of personalities, styles, and creative minds who probably should have been friends before we started working here. We sometimes joke about the interview process here (be prepared for 3-5 interviews!) but it’s because our leadership team knows how important finding a good fit is in addition to the right skillset. It makes it so much easy to show up to work day after day with a sunny attitude when you’re personally invested in the team you work with.

"Ideas Collide takes the cake in fostering a fun-loving culture of strong minds that play hard but work harder."

ICMC offers unique value for every employee, but it has stayed particularly relevant and innovative in attracting millennials. With the rise of the smart phone, work-life balance has become a myth due to the constant buzz of email. Instead, Ideas Collide has created a space that blends seamlessly into a lifestyle. It all comes back to one of ICMC’s founding principles: “You can’t love your life if you don’t love your work.”
All this and more is #WhyIC.