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Why Technology Solutions Should Be Objective Specific

Jeremy Rudd

By Jeremy Rudd

Why buy a shovel if you don’t know how to dig? Too often, marketing departments look to technology to provide a solution for their organizational needs without considering key pieces of information. Ask yourself the following questions the next time you’re choosing a technology solution to make sure you’re on the right path:

What problem will my new marketing technology solve?

Marketers need to ask themselves what their main objectives are prior to investing in a technology solution. If they are looking to generate more leads, automate email campaigns or better organize their existing contacts, multiple technology solutions may be required.

Can our team manage the platform, or will we need to outsource the technology implementation, development and ongoing day-to-day activities?

With the ever-changing modern landscape of technology solutions, it may be difficult to expect an existing team member to manage a new technology platform. Before investing in new solutions, ensure your team can handle the impact of the technology on operations or prepare to outsource technology requirements to an expert capable of executing these needs.

What training will I need to fully understand the capabilities of the technology solution?

When you’re investing in new technology unfamiliar to your business operations, it is necessary to receive professional training on the full capabilities of your new tool. Many technology companies offer paid training sessions through internal experts that help to determine the best use of the platform for your specific needs.

How will the platform integrate with existing technology investments?

If you’ve already invested in technology solutions like a CRM for contact management, then it’s important to ensure that the new tool you’re hoping to implement can sync properly with your existing technology investment. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing vital contact data during the implementation process.

How will you scale your marketing efforts and how will the platform fit your organizational growth?

Some technology platforms are better fits for small, medium or enterprise businesses. Additionally, some tools more easily scale with your business as it grows. It’s important to consider your plans for scaling when investing in a new platform, otherwise you may overpay or be underwhelmed with your investment.

Technology solutions should be just that – solutions. Learn how our team can help you implement new solutions and optimize your current resources to meet the goals and future needs of your company.