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Why We Give Back

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By Ideas Collide

Philanthropy is one of the largest parts of our agency’s philosophy, with $1.75M given back to our local and national communities to date. Since the beginning, our team members have strived to develop and maintain a sustainable giveback culture, with some individual team members giving back to these organizations on their own time with family and friends.

Rather than providing random donations or ad hoc volunteer hours, our team has strategically determined how we can utilize our individual talents to help build and support community organizations in both our Scottsdale and Portland offices. Our long-term giveback plan optimizes our resources while empowering and engaging our team members, community and clients.

An example of our passion for giveback can be seen in our recent support of the JDRF Gala. In November 2018, our team worked with JDRF, a nonprofit 501 organization funding type 1 diabetes research and advocacy for medical research and medical device regulation. Together, our team was able to volunteer with the organization and work to provide a design strategy and implementation for the organization’s annual Together We Shine Promise Ball Gala at The Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale. Between designing the signage for the event to developing an in-depth program, each one of our team members talents shined throughout the spectacular evening, with the event raising a total of $1.8 million for JDRF.

Ideas Collide was founded on our giveback philosophy, #ICGIVES. As we continue to grow both our Scottsdale and Portland offices, we strive to maintain our holistic approach to our philanthropic strategy through corporate giving, employee donations, corporate gift matching and volunteer opportunities. Is your non-profit organization looking for a strategic marketing partner? Our team is on-call to help take your strategy to the next level and make our community a brighter place.