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You Cannot Drive Impact Without Community

Karem Planas

By Karem Planas

This week, I came across a congratulatory message from Scott Gerber, founder and CEO of Forbes Councils, celebrating our co-founder Matthew Clyde. The Forbes Agency Council is an invitation-only organization for senior leaders to connect and share ideas, and this will be Matt’s second year as a member.

The message underscored a vital goal of the Council, which is to engage business leaders in a way that supports driving greater impact on the business world. This immediately brought to mind one of the critical tenets of Ideas Collide – you cannot drive impact without community.

Beyond helping to foster a collaborative, team-centered approach to our work, this belief has spurred us to channel our collective bias outwardly, motivating us to put our skills, talents, energy, and time to the service of those in the community.

‘We all rise,’ is something you will often hear said around our halls and underscores why success is short-lived if we don’t find an opportunity to share it with our community. IC’s impact is measured not only by the results a campaign achieved, or the earnings recorded but also by our efforts towards the well-being of our community. That is why in our team meetings, right there along with BKM shares, are notices of how many hours we have volunteered, and the agency’s Give Back total, as well as announcements about the successes of our business partners.

This focus is not fabricated; it is not a checkbox item. It is what genuinely results when you work with a team that has learned from its leader that to truly achieve success, you need to drive meaningful impact that sees our immediate and extended community rise.