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Data Visualization + Predictive Analytics

Data is king in maximizing your marketing efforts. We all know it. But with various data sets and spreadsheets to sort through, data overload is real. As a marketing leader, if you can’t cut through the data clutter, making informed business decisions is difficult, if not impossible.

As your strategic solutions partner, Ideas Collide can eliminate your data silos and optimize your marketing technology programs through our IC Marketing IQ platform. Our fully customizable Consumer Intelligence Engine unifies all your quantifiable data into automated dashboards so you can gather actionable marketing insights, quickly, to grow your business.

Intuition + Insight + Intelligence



Visualize your data to drive your marketing intuition. IC Marketing IQ provides intuitive data specific to your business so you can work smarter and not harder. With IC Marketing IQ, you can harness your marketing intuition with predictive data and innovative insights to accurately prepare your marketing forecasts.



Unlock the value of your data to gather A.I.-driven insights. IC Marketing IQ connects with more than 1,000 APIs to visualize your data in one reliable, unified view, right at your fingertips. Imagine one customized dashboard for marketing spend, website analytics, conversation rates!



Spend less time deciphering, and start automating your success. With IC Marketing IQ, you can empower your team with business intelligence so they can collaborate seamlessly and take action based on real-time metrics!

Let Data Write Your Next Success Story

Raw data doesn’t tell you the whole story. So if IC Marketing IQ data wrote the next chapter for your business, what would it say? That working hours were cut and resources were saved by eliminating data deep dives. Or quarterly sales goals were exceeded because your data dashboard identified a more profitable target audience.

The savings and business potential are limitless!

Here are a few ways IC Marketing IQ can create customized solutions for your marketing team:

  • Eliminate data overload and shorten IT backlogs.

  • Make all data, consumer insights, and campaign performance easily accessible and available.

  • Connect sources seamlessly to find data diamonds, quickly and conveniently.

  • Clearly articulate marketing ROI and impact on your company.

  • Effectively tag and track all creative assets for attribution.

  • Create a unified set of metrics to measure success.

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