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big think

Thinking big thoughts with the Big Think channel on YouTube.

—Kendra Dingley

I can’t stop playing this album by The National. From the spectacular “The Alcott,” featuring Taylor Swift, to breakup song “Eucalyptus,” It’s a beautiful ride.

—Christine Patton

My new German Shepherd baby girl puppy, Paisley!

—Nichole Abbott

The fact that 2023’s “Best U.S. Cocktail Bar”—the incredible Century Grand—is right here in Phoenix (and conveniently down the street from our PHX office).

—Joel Eberhart

fly fishing on the Metolius River.

Fall is for fly fishing on the Metolius River! (No fish were harmed in this video.)

—Bryan Noguchi

You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten the elote at Bacanora.

—Aaron Vance

No Use Escaping Tomie. There’s “no use escaping” this page-turning horror manga series by Junji Ito during spooking season!

—Laura Bjerk

Poog (Goop backwards)—a wellness podcast hosted by two hilarious female comedians. They discuss and dissect everything – from their latest beauty obsessions to the power of friendship.

—Erin Sweeney

Portland’s ALBERTA cARTS is pure paradise for foodies—a mouthwatering “curated collection” of food carts celebrating global cuisine and local ingredients.

—Ryan Palmer

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