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The Aperol Spritz – my cocktail of summer 2023!

—Nicole Eberhart

The fact that Phoenix has the Best Cocktail Bar in the U.S. – the incredible Century Grand, Take that, NYC!

—Matthew Clyde

I can’t stop playing The National’s latest album. From the spectacular “The Alcott,” featuring Taylor Swift, to breakup song “Eucalyptus,” It’s a beautiful ride.

—Christine Patton

My new German Shepherd baby girl puppy, Paisley!

—Nichole Abbott

The Drama that is this year’s monsoon season. The greatest show on earth!

—Kendra Dingley

You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten the elota at Bacanora

—Aaron Vance

“Tread it daily. Driving the initiative forward. Make sure to include in your wheelhouse donuts in the break room, yet nobody's fault it could have been managed better, so circle back around, nor let's pressure test this, so viral engagement.”


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AAPI Month: Blind Food Tasting with IC

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