Staying One Step Ahead of the Game with Social Listening

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By Ideas Collide

This article originally appeared on the Oracle Social Spotlight blog.

Part of what powers our creativity and gives Idea Collide’s clients a fantastic ROI lies in our ability to successfully utilize social listening and data. Rebecca Clyde, CXO and Co-founder of Ideas Collide, shared her thoughts on social listening and data with Oracle’s Social Spotlight blog, who put together this in-depth report on the company’s success:

Unifying Digital Touchpoints

Data has helped Ideas Collide provide a seamless customer experience across digital touchpoints. One example includes unifying over 90 different municipalities in Arizona, and providing a single brand experience – quite a feat to accomplish with so many different stakeholders. Without data and listening analysis, it would have been much more difficult to map out how to combine so many sources.

Listening to Target Audiences

Sometimes it is difficult to know when a start-up is really going to make it…but not with Ideas Collide. They use social listening to find out what will resonate with audiences and data to know whom to target. They support new brands by arming them with information to make them as successful as possible. Take the company Norton Point; Ideas Collide optimized their Kickstarter campaign and used social insights to determine ideal targets. The result? Norton Point exceeded their seed money goals and is on the way to mass marketing.

Devising Better Campaigns with Data

When Ideas Collide pitches to a potential client for the first time, they don’t go in blind. They are already equipped with information that gives them a competitive edge. Using social listening, they can find out ahead of time who is talking about the brand, what they are saying, and the sentiment behind the content. In addition, they can use listening to look at the competitors so they know what they are up against, what problems they might face, and even gaps in the industry. It allows them the extra time and knowledge to form a strategy that is better informed than the competition.

Utilizing social data and listening tools have helped the brilliant minds at Ideas Collide succeed in their space. We are so impressed with their results and proud to partner with them. We cannot wait to see what they come up with next!