What is the Future of Marketing?

The future of marketing is personalized, data-driven, AI-powered, and influenced by emerging technologies like VR, AR, and voice search. Read on to learn more.

Matthew Clyde

These days, it seems we all live, work and play in a virtual world. Now, more than ever before, processes like booking hotels, buying a car and even checking into a hospital are becoming automated, all thanks to product adaptations and innovations. The future of marketing has arrived, and your brand needs to stay ahead of the curve before it’s left in the dust.

Disruption can be a daunting word for many, and for good reason. Change in any form has an open, undetermined ending. But, any good company knows that without change stagnation is imminent. When looking towards the future of marketing, a brand needs to disrupt itself, its team and its organization as a whole.

Embrace future platforms and technology and expect doors of opportunity to open. Voice search is breaking boundaries while AI is evolving the landscape. Bot technology is one of the most innovative practices companies are implementing to not only expediate conversions, but to improve the consumer experience as a whole. This AI integration has created millions of meaningful conversations each day, with researchers estimating this number to increase substantially.

Robert Stephens|Co-Founder Assi.st and Founder, Geek Squad
“The world of bots today is what browsers were in ‘94”

Our team and partner organization, Bot.co, introduced the Best Western Hotels & Resorts Chatbot in 2018 to increase awareness about promotions, booking rates and answer frequently asked questions, all in an effort to reduce the weight on customer service departments. Not only has the bot built a knowledge base with each new question, but this disruption has taken the brand into the future world of marketing.

Stephanie Rieger|Social Anthropologist
“With messaging bots, we now have the ability to discover and request quick, just-in-time, low-commitment interactions.”

Modern brands require modern marketers. Especially when the web is reimagined nearly every day, with new technology, innovations and ideas. Let Ideas Collide get your company ready for the new world of marketing.