We Are Unearthly, Fantastic, & Bizarre

Alyssa Gunter

By Alyssa Gunter

Ideas Collide is weird.

I often say that the best compliment I’ve ever received was that I was weird. I hope that’s an indicator of how fondly I think of the agency I work for.

According to Dictionary.com, weird is to be unearthly, fantastic and bizarre. Sounds like our agency. And we’re proud of it.

Ideas Collide is Unearthly

We are a team of people who are out-of-this-world awesome! We love our work and are willing to travel to the moon and back for our clients. I’ve never met a group of more collaborative, passionate people. It’s easier to walk into the office smiling each morning when you work for an agency that truly loves the work they do.

“So yes, I work for Ideas Collide because they’re weird. The best kind of weird, my weird.”

Ideas Collide is Fantastic

Our agency cares about giving back to others just as much as we care about our clients. In fact, it’s important enough that we’re given one hour each week to volunteer for any organization we choose. The agency itself has hosted countless donation drives, participated in numerous events and fundraisers and donated our work to organizations in need. It’s a rewarding experience, working to give back to the community. “Fantastic” is only one positive word in an endless list that describes this agency.

Ideas Collide is Bizarre

Yes, we are a funny bunch of people who laugh at ourselves. Constantly. Our culture recognizes each other’s hard work, allowing us to give out badges for the number crunchers, clean freaks, unicorns and much more. We have a running list of funny, quotable and random moments from each person here. We’re quirky and bizarre and we wouldn’t want it any other way. All this and more is #WhyIC.