Ideas Collide is All About People, People, People

Kit Kwong

By Kit Kwong

Throughout college, I knew I wanted to work in advertising, to make my mark in the world of advertising agencies. However, my career began on a slightly different path. After college, I began in the corporate world in retail merchandising. Five years later, I found myself in a spacious room with a large group of people, when it was announced that our positions were no longer needed. I had worked in marketing at this small start-up company until it was bought by a larger company, who chose to let us go American Idol style.

While it is never a good feeling begin let go, I decided to see it as a blessing in disguise. This new job search wasn’t with the goal to move me back home or get away from a horrible boss. I decided this was the time to really go for something I have wanted since college. I was going to work at an ad agency.

This course of events brought me to Ideas Collide. Throughout the interview process, I knew this company was where I wanted to work. The interviews were a way for Ideas Collide to get to know me and my experience, while giving me insight into their team. I saw how much management cared about their employees. To them, hiring wasn’t about adding a new team member who fit the job description; hiring was about adding someone who fit well with the rest of the team and agency culture.

There is a saying that you don’t leave a company, you leave your boss. In the five years I have been at Ideas Collide, I have loved working with my colleagues and management. I continue to see the way they value our team. My desire to get into the agency life brought me to Ideas Collide, but it’s the amazing team that I get to work with every day that has me staying.