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Redesigning a Website Fixer-Upper

Your website is both your company’s first impression and its greatest asset. A well-designed site skillfully communicates your brand’s tone and personality while seamlessly promoting products, gathering insights, and generating sales. A poorly designed site, on the other hand, can be detrimental to your company’s success.

Client Summary

As one of the top construction managers and general contractors in the nation, Adolfson & Peterson Construction (AP) has built a strong reputation through 75 years of commitment to what matters most: their clients, employees and communities. AP’s projects span a variety of industries, including healthcare, higher education, office buildings, senior living and more. You can see a full list of markets on their portfolio page.


AP approached our team for help streamlining and modernizing their company website to reflect the future they were building for their brand.

We took on the challenge to strategize, design and develop a sophisticated and effective website to not only shine a spotlight on the evolving AP brand but to bring it to life. We knew paring down text-heavy pages in favor of impressive imagery would streamline the site, making it easier to convert casual visitors into prospects and prospects into clients.


We utilized AP’s existing brand standards to create a beautiful web interface built to let their work speak for itself. Rich imagery and stunning photography needed to take center stage to allow AP to show, not just tell, their strengths. By streamlining the site’s content, we were able to put the focus back on the projects, and the community, that AP continues to create through their work.


We put a focus on mobile optimization, driving engagement with smooth transitions, intuitive navigation, and a design-first mentality. By strategically approaching the site design to bring mobile users to the forefront, we were able to enhance the experience for the 22% of visitors viewing the site on a mobile device. That, paired with an overhaul of the site’s SEO, led to a 12% growth in sessions per user in just the first few months.

While the site’s front-end redesign drove engagement and a positive user experience, back-end flexibility and security was equally vital. AP relied on our expertise to upgrade their site’s security while making it possible for the site to grow and change with the times. Our solution was an innovative and cutting-edge modular web design, created to allow AP’s web team to easily customize and reuse modules throughout the site.

We took AP’s site beyond the possibilities of a typical modular site to allow for both the creation of custom content and the ability to automatically remain within pre-determined design systems. To deliver on AP’s need for strength and security, our team developed and optimized an incredibly secure headless WordPress system. When combined with the site’s intuitive modular architecture, this system creates a powerhouse solution that not only meets the needs of security and customization for the present but far into the future as well.


AP’s rejuvenated website is now their ultimate first impression. By shifting the site’s emphasis to the beautiful structures they build nationwide, we were able to allow AP’s exemplary work to speak for itself. The new site showcases not only their brand story, but also reinforces AP’s commitment to what they find more important: their community, team and customers.

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