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One of the largest health care systems and providers in the country, Banner Health continues to dedicate themselves to the health of our community while consistently providing quality care well above the traditional level of the industry. Our team was proud to take on their latest project on behalf of Banner Urgent Care to generate awareness about the great, life-saving services each Banner Urgent Care center offers.

Taking a Creative Approach to the Health Care Industry

The Banner Urgent Care display ads’ creative strategy focused around Banner Urgent Care’s value propositions. To differentiate the propositions and create a long-lasting impression in the mind of the audience, our team brought a creative advertising approach into the traditional healthcare industry.

The digital ads supported Banner Health’s successful “Exhale” campaign, we explored a bold new look-and-feel and refreshed messaging strategies. Following A/B tests of multiple messages and CTA’s, including Reserve My Spot and Find a Location, we determined the best creative approach to drive audience engagement.

In addition to Banner Urgent Care, we also supported digital ads for  Banner CORE Center for Orthopedics. This campaign embraced a straightforward, trusting and welcoming voice that garnered significant interest in the campaign’s target audience. Imagery focused on movement, a daily part of the audience’s life, to capture the emotion and desire many patients have to become healthy, active and continue to do the activities that mean the most to them.

Banner Health’s wellness messaging is a driving force in our day-to-day lives, without us ever realizing. By bringing greater awareness to the services offered at Banner Health, the well-being of our community has increased.
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