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Phoenix Design Week, also known as PHXDW, is one of Arizona’s most creative annual events, a cross-agency effort built entirely on volunteers. Started in 2009 by designer Mark Dudlik, the week was created to support and showcase Arizona’s visual design disciplines all in one place. Now, PHXDW offers two conference days and a jam-packed week of collaboration, community, expert seminars and hands-on educational experiences.

Ideas Collide has been attending PHXDW for several years now but involvement with branding PHXDW was always our dream. Collaborating across agencies, the AZAG and local illustrators, our team was proud to champion the design efforts this year. Contributing everything from video interviews with designers to research into other potential local partnerships, our design team came together to volunteer our work toward this initiative.

Our agency was proud to volunteer our skills to PHXDW and create new branding for 2019. When creating this year’s theme, we looked at what had been previously done. After the dark, gritty branding from the past two years, we looked to introduce something different — a brighter approach. Based on this idea and looking to represent the community, we created Evolve Design. This theme utilizes colorful forms and a sense of fluidity throughout all experiences.

“The amount of growth and creativity that our team expressed overall with out of the box ideas makes me really proud of our efforts”

– Tierra Nelson, Design Lead

The design team came together in collaboration with AIGA to create initial concepts related to a few themes: Here By Design, Seek + Discover, and Evolve Design. Here By Design presents the ideas that the Arizona design community is not like other major cities and we are proud of it. Seek + Discover tells the story of creative professional as fearless explorers. Ultimately Evolve Design was the best choice for telling the story of PHXDW 2019.

We weren’t under prescribed restrictions from a client, we got to work our creative mind without limits. We were also honored to present an idea that was 100% ours to our fellow peers and design community.

– Meagan Shoots, Art Director

Design is consistently integrated into all of our lives, blended into the city streets we travel on and across the buildings we work and live in. The geometric style of the design mimics the grid-like layout of Phoenix. “Fluidity” is applicable to the adaptable, creative problem solving and inclusivity of the conference -expanding not only to graphic designers but to all designers in the Valley, including interior designers, architects and more.

PHXDW Website that utilizes animation and fluid interactions.

Website Traffic Made up of New Visitors YoY

Increase in Event Registration

Average Session Duration

Thoughtfully planned social media templates that carry the look and feel for PHXDW 2019

Video Views across All Channels

Shares on Social Channels

Increase in LinkedIn Followers

Comments/Replies on Social Channels

Click-through Rate for Emails

We knew developing the opening video for PHXDW was our chance to share our community’s story and we jumped at the opportunity. Through stunning visuals and in-depth interviews with local creatives, our video team was able to bring this year’s vibrant theme to life.

Immersive video that kicks off the conference - created in collaboration with Woodshack Studios

“Storytelling has always been my passion but getting this opportunity to tell the story of the unique and diverse Phoenix design community was an incredible experience. It was an amazing moment to see our work take center stage and be embraced by such a talented group.”

– Alexus Washington, Associate Video Editor

PHXDW Stage Presence featuring layered dimensional props and lighting effects to further introduce Evolve Design.

PHXDW Program and Name Badges utilizing holographic paper, foil printing, and di-cuts to represent fluid motion.

PHXDW Swag items utilizing vivid color and lifework

“This gathering of creative individuals has placed Arizona on a national radar and continues to give life to the design community. Working on Phoenix Design Week has been a surreal, humbling experience beyond comparison.”

– Ryan Lowry, Design Lead

You can learn more about the design process with Ryan Lowry, Ideas Collide Design Lead, and Mike Marinello on the podcast “Design Chat with Josh.”  We also sat down with Ryan Lowry to learn about his takeaways from PHXDW 2019.

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